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Mrs. Li

Mrs. Li has been sewing since her teens and I consider myself lucky that she has been with me for the last nine years. She can sew circles around anyone I’ve ever met. She loves to stuff things into plastic grocery bags, so don’t leave anything lying around, or it’ll be bagged up and hidden away so quickly it’ll make your head spin.

Sean Jones

Scully is my printer extraordinaire and has managed, I’m not sure how, to make sense of the 500 plus screens we store at our studio. I could ask him to print on the side of a dog and he’d, somehow, figure out how to do it.

Fabio Oliveira

My husband and head of everything I’m not good at. He is an awesome photographer, has the patience of, well, more than me and that’s all that matters, and he’s really good at figuring out why the wifi doesn’t work.