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I’m now at the corner of broome and broadway in artists and fleas. look for me on the right hand side. if you hit the tattoo booth, you’ve gone too far.

artists and fleas at Chelsea market

I’m back at Chelsea market.  I’m at the 10th avenue side of the building, under the steps.  come check out my new illuminated floor.

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chicago one of a kind show

in 14 more days

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walk slow cross body bag

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in two days, plastic bags are illegal in New York city

of course, that made me put on my thinking cap. within moments my hands were moving so fast, they were just a blur. it was like Edward scissor hands over here–blades chop chop chopping. and then, just like that there was a pouch made from bubble wrap, a tote made from upcycled plastic bags, and […]

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pamela in hbo's high maintenance

get the bag from the episode. no judgments.

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rent my beach house

cute, affordable, close to a gorgeous beach. on a private drive, so feels secluded. and it has a pool.

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