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I’m opening a shop on main street in cairo ny

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1 hour of interior design consultation

can’t figure out where to put your sofa?  need help shopping for antique sleigh beds?  trying to arrange the furniture in a an odd shaped room?  too busy to make you space cozy and comfy?  I can help. services I offer: online shopping for individual pieces, a whole room, or a whole house selecting fixtures: […]

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luxurious masks at an ‘I am on unemployment’ price

let’s be realistic, mask wearing is going to be with us for a good long while, so why not invest in a quality mask, made by hand from the most indulgent of materials? pamela barsky masks are made with linen, a luxurious fabric that gets better and better with age. on the side that touches […]

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pamela in hbo's high maintenance

get the bag from the episode. no judgments.

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rent my beach house

cute, affordable, close to a gorgeous beach. on a private drive, so feels secluded. and it has a pool.

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