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artists and fleas Chelsea market

we’ve been given permission to reopen.  we’ll be at artists and fleas (10th avenue between 15th and 16th) Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 to 6 starting july 9th.

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if you give me your email address, i’ll personally write to tell you about sales, new designs and where i’ll be popping up with temporary shops. i promise not to be annoying.

New York city girl tote

although I was born and raised in Detroit and spent much of my life in Los Angeles, I am now a New Yorker; just hit y 10th anniversary in this wonderful city and according to the rules, I now qualify as the real thing. of course, you don this tote is 18 x 15 inches and is made by hand by people who really love […]

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i made these today

i was in paris and supposed to meet a friend at the wine school where she worked.  my phone was almost out of juice and afraid I’d not be able to find it without my gps, I headed over early so I could find the place before my phone went dead.  the neighborhood used to […]

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pamela in hbo's high maintenance

get the bag from the episode. no judgments.

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rent my beach house

cute, affordable, close to a gorgeous beach. on a private drive, so feels secluded. and it has a pool.

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