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new york patchwork pillow

September 23, 2020

each of these pillows are unique–made from a random assortment of the following patches:

I really really miss new york

my favorite part of New York is new york

I really wish I lived in new york

the one you get will look similar to the photo, but not exactly the same.  if there is one patch you’d prefer to have in the center, please add a note and I will try to accommodate, but no promises as we have limited stock.

pillows are made of my insanely strong canvas with an invisible zipper at the back.  they are 16″ square.




bear pillow

November 7, 2020

I am so in love with this sweet bear pillow.  it comes in two sizes 14″ and 16″.

please note, each pillow is one of a kind–if you are buying a pair, I will make sure they coordinate.

comes with an insert, synthetic, but feels like down.



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