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to do or not to do

March 13, 2016

i get up on sunday mornings full of intention.  today, i was going to go to the whitney in hopes the jim dine black rainbow painting i love so much is still on display.   that did not happen.

instead i messed around on facebook, ordered two vintage purses on ebay, searched the internet for the absolute best price on the margiela sunglasses i fell in love with in tokyo (umm, the website i finally bought them from had them for nearly 50% off the margiela store price–what’s with that?), and after compulsively toggling between pinterest, where i keep a private stash of inspiring pins, and square where i can see, in real time, how much or how little the shop is selling, i found myself ordering some 6″ x 8″ wood rectangles on which i plan to silkscreen some of my designs and make them into “art.”

when i was a kid, my dad would have accused me of being lazy on a day when the only reason i got out of bed was to answer the door when the food delivery guy buzzed.  but creativity is fickle.  some days it needs a good hard kick in the pants and others you just gotta let it take a long hot bath wearing a very expensive argon based facial masque.

ideas are not linear.  often, to get to a completed design for a new store, you have to visit the website of every single auction house specializing in mid century furniture.  and then you have to put your name on a watch list for  vintage evelyn ackerman designs; it’ll ping you when one comes up for sale.  and then you have to try to figure out exactly what year  shriekback dropped the singer you thought made the band so interesting.   you might discover a new food delivery website that promises to bring you the really good stuff, like donut plant donuts and should you be vegan, by chloe cupcakes.

people often tell me they are amazed at how much i do.  on these occasions, i smile and turn away quickly.  “don’t they have any idea how much time i spend doing absolutely nothing,” i think to myself.   truth is, both are true.  i do a lot.  and i do a lot of nothing at all.  those two things in combination makes things work.