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March 30, 2021

you may not know I have a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers danlos syndrome III. it is a somewhat rare genetic condition which affects my connective tissue (which is nearly one’s whole body). my tendons and ligaments are faulty, so my muscles have to step in to do their work for simple things like holding up my head and keeping my bones where they are supposed to be. only 1 in five thousand people are thought to have it, so doctors often don’t know how to help. luckily, I work with a couple of alternative practitioners who have literally kept me together through some pretty scary flares. both of them have been severely affected by covid, so I wanted to share their info here. if you are looking for a fantastic functional movement pro to help with an injury, aging, or just feeling better in your body, I have to recommend my friend, Ashley Matthews. she is currently living upstate New York, but does virtual privates by zoom. after a crazy septic hip infection and a month’s stay in the hospital which left me in pain and walking with a cane, Ashley got my body working so well, you wouldn’t know the doctors thought I might not walk normally ever again. I went to see her straight from the hospital and in one hour had made more progress in both mobility and pain reduction than I made in a week of in-hospital rehab (which by the way my insurance didn’t pay for and cost twice what I earned my first year out of college). she is also a gifted massage therapist and uses that in sessions to help with your movement goals. also on my team, is Marika chandler, an acupuncturist so prescient, had she been born in the 1600s I’m certain she’d have been branded a witch. Marika was a dancer and has also been trained in pilates at the Kane school, so she has a body awareness unlike any other acupuncturist I’ve seen. she keeps my health at a level several steps above what I’m able to accomplish on my own and with both trigger point and traditional needle work, keeps my sad little eds body functioning at a pretty high level. she is also currently treating patients in upstate New York, but travels to the city on Sundays, as well.

if you are looking for top level alternative care, I highly recommend both of these incredibly talented women.