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shell necklace #1


though most people know me as a creator of funny canvas bags, many don’t know I am also a trained metalsmith and jewelry designer.

a recent covid-forced move to the beach has found me walking at the shore most mornings and much to this ex-california girl’s surprise, the beach in The Hamptons is full of shells. (on la’s beaches, you never find shells. never.).

these days, I walk with two baggies in my hand, one for shells with natural holes. in the second, I gather all sorts of plastic trash–if I’m going to walk with my head down, I might as well do some good for the world.

these one of a kind necklaces combine several of my passions–fabric and sewing, the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi (finding beauty in mistakes and imperfection, using materials in unusual ways, vintage collecting, and my new found love for the winter beach.

each piece is a mini sculpture crafted from shells with naturally occurring voids, vintage chain and vintage beads and findings. I carefully clean each of the shells, then dress it up with lovely silvery accents. in lieu of standard jewelry connectors, I’ve chosen to use thread, which adds a hand hewn and a very, to my mind, Japanese feel. (please see the last photo for details of how I’ve connected the pieces of chain)

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