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quite simply new york suited her candle


people who’ve known me for a long time, know I do things in a big way.  so when I set about to introduce a new candle line, not only did I spend months testing dozens of waxes, wicks, and hundreds of scents, I also learned how to make ceramic molds so I could slip cast a unique container.  all in, my candles were over a year in the making and I’m thrilled to finally be able to introduce them to you.  (I’m blushing when I say this, but I’m really proud of this candle and truly think it is the best candle you can buy for for yourself, or for a gift.)

each candle begins with luxurious coconut wax, generously scented with fragrant oil.   I hand pour each into one of my custom designed vessels, wonderfully glossy on the inside, matte and oh-so-chic on the outside.   (when you are done with the candle, feel free to grow some herbs in the container–or use it for pencils)  I then wrap the vessel with a canvas band embellished with a ‘pam story’, this one about new york.  to finish, i cap every candle with a paper lid secured by a hand-tied string into which I tuck a few extra-long matches–not only do they look cute, but you can use them to easily light the candle as it burns down low.

this version, ‘quite simply new york suited her’  captures the hustle and bustle of the city with the delicious scent of spicy chai tea, my favorite way to begin my urban day.

my candles stand just a smidge over four inches high and are about two and a half inches around.   as with any candle, DO NOT BURN WHEN UNATTENDED.  for a more even burn, trim your week before each use.  please note, all candles will last longer and burn more smoothly and evenly if you light for no more than an hour or two each time.