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private consulting available for class attendees


If you are attending one of my zoom seminars, but need a little extra guidance, you can book a private consultation that will take place on facetime. (if you don’t have an iPhone, we can work something else out. Sessions are in increments of 15 minutes and are perfect if you have questions specific to your business, or are uncomfortable discussing an idea in front of the group.

Why trust me?   I have successfully reinvented my business numerous times and have worn many hats as a creative person.  In my 20’s I was an award winning advertising copywriter and in my spare time taught aspiring advertising creatives how to create compelling ads and develop a portfolio to get them a job.  My eponymous store was treasured by Los Angeles creative types for over a decade.   The very first product I designed, a journal made from vintage books was so innovative,  Sheryl Crow used it when writing her second album and one was featured on the cover of IN STYLE magazine) My product line has been sold at some of the world’s greatest stores including Neiman Marcus, Colette (RIP), Barneys (RIP) Anthropoligie, Urban Outfitters, MOMA and has been featured in hundreds of publications including In Style, LA Times, Glamour, and NY Times.  In the early 2000’s, students from all over the world attended my seminar, “How to start a creative business.”   My current line of funny canvas bags has fans around the world including Diane Von Furstenberg, Chelsea Handler,  Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon, Chelsea Clinton and more.

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