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ONLINE CLASS: Creative repositioning: how to ignite your creative powers to reinvent yourself during tough times



This dynamic zoom seminar will give you something other trusted advisors can’t—the skills, the ability, to see the newly emerging world as an opportunity for success.  Since January, the world has been flooded with “experts” telling you how to invest your money, how to spend your PPP funds, how to renegotiate commercial leases, how to get aid money, how to navigate unemployment for you and your employees—all important, but none of them touch on the most important skill of all:  how to use your inner resources, your creativity, to navigate a world that has turned upside down.  Sure, your accountant can help you get deductions on your taxes, your attorney can provide counsel about the legal ramifications of breaking a lease, but my seminar will guide you to use your own creative resources to figure out how to reposition your business to thrive in these uncertain times.

Join me for an online series of lectures, discussions and exercises designed to help develop creative solutions for business problems brought on by covid-19.  Craftspeople, small boutique owners, fashion designers, chefs and restaurant owners, jewelers, lifestyle companies, hotel managers, tour company owners, every small business owner will benefit from this deep dive into creative problem solving and reinvention.

The series is divided into two modules composed of four sessions each.  

The first focuses on revving up and focusing your creativity during a crisis.  The second uses your newly energized skills and teaches you to apply them to the difficult job of restarting, recreating and finding a new way of running your business when all the rules have changed.

Each 1.5 to 2 hour zoom class will include a casual but informative lecture, an in-class exercise, a group discussion about the week’s topic and exercise, and a homework assignment.  Classes 2, 3, and 4 will begin with a group critique of the previous week’s assignment.   Each session is designed to rewire your thinking, to help you adapt.  Instead of a list of to-do’s, we’ll dig deep, honing your creative skills and intuition so you can more easily find solutions in a world where the rules change daily.

Module one’s first class focuses on nurturing talents you might have forgotten you have.  Week two is an examination into the proverbial ‘thinking outside the box.’  Week three explores how limitations can be your friend.  And the last week of module one examines inspiration and where to find it when the whole world is shut down.

As we move into module two (please note:  module 1 is a prerequisite for module 2), we’ll explore the importance of time and timing now that conventional business rules no longer apply.   Week two, we’ll do a deep dive into endings vs new beginnings and learning to tell the difference.  The third week, we’ll learn how to turn problems into solutions.  And the final week, we’ll tie everything together with a class exploring how to promote your reinvented business.

Module 1 begins Sunday august 16th at 11am EST, 8am on the west coast, and 5pm in Europe.  It will run for four consecutive Sundays.  Module 2 begins September 20th, same time, and will go four weeks.  All sessions will be taped and you can access the recorded version at any time.  In addition, there will be a private Facebook group where you can post your homework assignments and discuss class themes with other students for added inspiration.  Should you need further help or clarification, I offer private facetime or zoom consultations in increments of 15 minutes.  (sign up for both modules at once and. you’ll get a free 15 minute consultation)

Why trust me?   I have successfully reinvented my business numerous times and have worn many hats as a creative person.  In my 20’s I was an award winning advertising copywriter and in my spare time taught aspiring advertising creatives how to create compelling ads and develop a portfolio to get them a job.  My eponymous store was treasured by Los Angeles creative types for over a decade.   The very first product I designed, a journal made from vintage books was so innovative,  Sheryl Crow used it when writing her second album and one was featured on the cover of IN STYLE magazine) My product line has been sold at some of the world’s greatest stores including Neiman Marcus, Colette (RIP), Barneys (RIP) Anthropoligie, Urban Outfitters, MOMA and has been featured in hundreds of publications including In Style, LA Times, Glamour, and NY Times.  In the early 2000’s, students from all over the world attended my seminar, “How to start a creative business.”   My current line of funny canvas bags has fans around the world including Diane Von Furstenberg, Chelsea Handler,  Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon, Chelsea Clinton and more.

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