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not all handicaps are visible pouch


a year or so ago, I had emergency hip surgery and had to learn to walk again.  for a while I used a cane to help me, but as I got stronger, I tossed it aside and ventured out on to the streets of New York solo.  when I had the cane, people jumped up from their subway seats, offerering me a place to rest.  cars screeched to a stop waiting for me to pass.   but when I walked cane-less, that all stopped.  people pushed and shoved and knocked into me.  one woman called me a horrible name because I was walking down some steps too slowly for her.  and then I went to London for business and there on the bathroom was a sign that urged people to be kind to others because you just don’t know what they are going thru.

and that’s what inspired this bag.

like all pamela barsky bags, this pouch is stronger than it looks.  it measures 6 inches by 8 inches.

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