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kamala is speaking


last week, I hired a van driver to move some things and he promptly got stuck in a snowdrift.  he, my husband, and my kind neighbor spent nearly an hour trying to get it unstuck but had no luck.  “I used to live in Colorado and have loads of experience,” I said, but everyone ignored me.  finally, exhausted and exasperated, they let me get in the driver’s seat and after five minutes of forward, reverse, forward, reverse, the van was free.

like Kamala, I know how it feels to be ignored, spoken over, or dismissed.  I made this bag in honor of one woman, my hero, who forged ahead despite the obstacles.

i just made these and only have a few left.  I may have hot pink ink, maybe black.  put your choice in notes and I will try to accommodate, but you might get either.

this bag is 6 x 8 inches and is made by hand by happy people in nyc.

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