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gigantic book bag–Charles Darwin


I spent most of covid collecting vintage and found myself shocked at how many lovely things end up in the landfill.  as an avid reader (and writer) I decided to find a way to reuse these treasures–that is the genesis of my book bag series.

each book bag is one of a kind– made from an actual individual book, this one Charles Darwin origin of the species.  I carefully take each book apart, chose the most interesting pages (often the covers, too), sandwich them between my superman strength canvas and protective vinyl then sew them together to make a random and striking pattern.

each gigantic size book bags comes with an interior open pocket and handles that will fit over your shoulder even when wearing a coat, but still short enough that most people can carry it at their side without the bag touching the ground.  these make great bags for a weekend getaway–when emptied at your destination, they double as a purse.  and because they are water resistant (sorry, not water proof) they work great at the beach, too.

please note, you can wipe these bags down, but because they utilize actual paper pages, they cannot go in the washer.   also, the vinyl is protective, but not bullet proof.  it can tear if you catch it on a sharp object.

prepare for attention when you carry one of these; here in New York, I get stopped daily by people complimenting or asking me where I got my bag.  once, last November, a young man actually got teary eyed when I told him I’d made it.

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