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movin’ on up, er, down

January 6, 2020

a few nights ago, while trying to relax after my 73rd day working without time off, I found myself watching a filmed-live re-creation of one of Norman lear’s excellent shows, the Jeffersons. the redone show was ok, and by that I mean kinda dull, but it moved the amazing theme song front and center in the crowded space I call my mind.

today, I opened my newest shop, in artists and fleas soho, (490 broadway at Broome) and the song continues to float around in my head. but since I live in the east village and the shop is in south of Houston, I’m technically “movin’ on down.”

I’m open daily 11 to 8. I hope you’ll pop by to buy a bag or two. while you are there, if you hear a wobbly voice singing very off key, please try not to judge. I write way better than I sing.