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luxurious masks at an ‘I am on unemployment’ price

July 30, 2020

let’s be realistic, mask wearing is going to be with us for a good long while, so why not invest in a quality mask, made by hand from the most indulgent of materials?

pamela barsky masks are made with linen, a luxurious fabric that gets better and better with age. on the side that touches your face, I use primo cotton batiste sourced from switzerland because it is just about the softest cotton on the planet. after months of research, I created a pattern that sits perfectly on the face. I’ve put flexible metal at the bridge of the nose for a custom fit . and I’ve used black elastic because, ick, have you seen what happens to white when you’ve worn it a few times?

but that’s not even the best part. not only are my masks handmade. and crafted from the finest materials, each one is printed with an hilarious and original pamela barsky quote so you can tell the world how you feel.

so why buy an ordinary mask when for under twenty bucks you can treat yourself and show the world how clever you are? just click on the link above to see all my styles and to order.