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I have a class.

July 14, 2020

my mother would prefer it said, “I have class,” but she’ll have to deal.

starting mid-august, I’m offering a a zoom class in CREATIVE REPOSITIONING, a two-part seminar (two modules of 4 weeks each) to help you reignite your creativity, then use those new found skills to help reboot, turn, pivot your business in these uncertain times.

class will be held on zoom Sundays at 11am EST (8am PST and 5pm in Europe) and will consist of lectures (I know that sounds serious, but really just information given in an interesting and casual way), exercises, critiques, and homework.

because none of us have as much cash as before, I’ve kept the price budget friendly. and, as a bonus, if you sign up for both modules, you’ll get a 15 minute private consultation (value $35) for free.

here’s the link for more information and to sign up:

hope to see you in class.