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dude mask

February 17, 2021

my masks are made by hand from the finest linen with smooth cotton interiors.

please wash in cold water, either by hand or in the machine and hang dry.

this style has a slightly bigger fit.

I am always right linen tee

July 29, 2020

after unsuccessfully searching for the perfect tee, I did the pamela thing and designed my own.

these shirts are easy to wear with a loose but flattering fit–I’ve chosen linen jersey because it adds a bit of polish and structure to a casual every day shirt.  and, well, because linen just gets better with age.

each graphic comes in two styles.

– crew neck with a semi-cap sleeve with a slight drop shoulder created by an angled seam at the shoulders on both front and back. the back hem is rounded and longer than the front so you won’t expose skin when you bend over.  this shirt looks great alone with jeans, covering a tank, or tuck it into a skirt and throw on a blazer for a more polished look.

-crew neck with a vertical back seam that opens into a peek-a-boo vent and is sleeveless.  the back is significantly longer than the front.  this shirt looks great on its own with a colorful bra, or wear it over a tank for a more modest look.  I like to wear this one under a cardigan opened to reveal the wording.

to give the shirts a well-lived in look, I’ve printed the graphic on the inside.   for I am always right I’ve used orange ink.   my pamela head logo is in black at the back neckline.

best of all, each shirt has the bonus of a tiny vintage jewel at the neckline.

please note:  linen will shrink, so I recommend machine washing cold, then hanging to dry.  however, the shirts have a very easy fit and if you’d like yours more snug, on your second wash, by all means go ahead and put it in the dryer on LOW heat.  linen has a lovely natural drape, but if you feel the need to iron, please do not put the iron directly on the words–the print will melt and ruin both your shirt and your iron.  instead, place a cloth over the printed section and iron as usual.

a note on sizing:  originally, I was going to do these shirts as one size fits all, but added a smaller version for my tinier customers.  to give you an idea of fit, I wear a narrow shouldered size 6 but am very busty.  on me, the medium has a VERY loose, easy fit and the small is more snug.  (I am wearing a medium in the pictures.)

due to the complicated nature of so many styles and patterns, use the pull down menu to view what style, color, and sizes I have available in your chosen saying.  there are swatches of the available fabrics in the product gallery.




i stopped caring what people think of me pencil pouch

March 20, 2017

some people think i talk to much.  and some people think i’m a little bit pushy.  some people think i should cut my hair.  my father is waiting for me to start wearing sensible shoes.

frankly, i don’t give a damn.  so i made this pouch.

like everything in my line, this bag is made by hand on the lower east side of new york city.

this bag is 3 x 10 inches and is made by hand by happy people in nyc.

i love paris, too pouch

March 17, 2017

i love new york.  but given the current state of things, i have to confess my love for paris.

the bread alone brings tears to my eyes.

this bag is 6 x 8 inches and is made by hand by happy people in nyc.


dress in black mask

February 17, 2021

my masks are made by hand from the finest linen with smooth cotton interiors.

please wash in cold water, either by hand or in the machine and hang dry.

garlic is ketchup pouch

January 15, 2017

since moving to new york six years ago, i’ve found myself friends with a good number of amazingly talented chefs.  this bag was inspired by them.

as always, it is made in new york by people who love their jobs.   i use the best quality thickest canvas i can find.  this bag is six inches by eight inches.

I love New York but I live in rio

November 4, 2019

after an unfortunate hospital stay I took a year of to get myself back to my best self.  my first day back in the store, a customer picked up my I love New York, but I live in Japan tote and asked for Amsterdam.  in just days, I made thirty new totes ranging from Dubai to Detroit.

please note:  each has an individual listing, or you can order by pulling down the variation tab below.

this tote is crafted from fifteen ounce canvas, handmade in new york by people who may or may not have been to brazil.

bag lady dopp kit

November 20, 2017

I lived in Los Angeles most of my adult life.  when I moved to New York and started making bags, I became the official bag lady of New York city.  I bet you are a bag lady, too.

cute little square sized, squat Dopp kit.  opens wide for so all your stuff will fit.  please note, sometimes we have orange type, sometimes pink, sometimes both.  if you have a choice, please mention it in notes–if I have it, I’ll gladly honor your request–if not, they are both super cute.

as with all my bags, this is made with superman strength canvas and is made with love on the lower east side of Manhattan.